tumblr is recommending I follow some truscum trash lord like truscum arent inherently evil. like I just dont unerstand how much you have to fucking hate yourself to buy into that mentality. 

I don’t hate myself whatsoever. Why would you believe truscum hate themselves?

part of me wants to respond with a sarcastic comment but honestly I dont understand why anyone would ever think that such a core part of their identity is an illness. like yeah gender dysphoria is in the DSM but homosexuality was until some time in the 1980’s. I cant remember the exact year off the top of my head. the whole concept of what is and isnt a mental illness has been up to the people in power writing the rules and unfortunately thats been white cishet men for a very long time. and if dysphoria is the core of being trans then what does one gain out of transitioning? transitioning exists to treat the dysphoria, and for good reason it can be debilitating on some days(I know mine is) but it doesnt make you not trans any more. you dont magically become cis once you reach a point in transition where you’re happy with how you feel. 

Thank you for the long and thought out response! I don’t believe being trans is an illness. I believe it is a medical condition. All illnesses are medical conditions but not all medical conditions are illnesses. I don’t believe being trans is a mental illness. I do believe that a lot of the stigma around the possibility that it could be is based around ableism though. Also a lot of the backlash about transsexuality being medical in nature also having roots in ableism. 

In regards to “ dont understand why anyone would ever think that such a core part of their identity is an illness”. I’d like to specifically target this because it’s based on a misunderstanding of other trans people. Why is being trans a core part of your identity? Being trans to me is nothing to do with my identity, I am a man but that is not a core part of my identity either, being trans may have shaped me but it does not define me. Just like my bipolar or lung problems don’t define me and aren’t large parts of my identity. 

There are a number of differences between homosexuality and transsexuality and why one belongs in the DSM and why the other doesn’t. This a good post on why.  Being born homosexual does not cause medical issues like dysphoria. It doesn’t not count as a medical condition, it does not need medical treatment. 

Transitioning exists to cure the symptoms of being trans. It does not make an individual cis. If transitioning cures your dysphoria, it simply means the treatment worked for the medical condition. 

If mental health is used to silence people, that is not solved by deciding that nothing is a mental health issue and it’s something else instead. The issue is with mental illness stigma. I have bipolar, the solution to the stigma I receive due to being bipolar is not by saying bipolar is no longer a mental illness and is something else. 

I agree that you had the wrong idea but I do think a lot of that comes from stigma about having a health issue as opposed to “truscum ideas”. Your ideas weren’t truscum ones but more confusing what truscum actually believe. 

Here is a post of what we believe and why, here. 

may I ask how you differentiate between a medical illness and a medical condition? I feel that it might clear things up for both of us as I dont think we are on the same page with it. 

Transsexualism is a neurological medical condition which is caused by a release of certain chemicals in the womb. It is a birth defect which causes the bodies brain to believe that the body is a different sex than it physically is. 

Mental illnesses are mainly behavioral in nature. Are not caused in the womb, are usually genetic etc. 

Just because a medical condition is in the brain does not mean that it is a mental illness. Alzeimers is a medical condition but is not a mental illness for example. 

and I didnt intend to imply that being trans was part of your identity, but that being the gender you are is in most cases a huge part of a persons identity. 

Why would “gender” be a huge part of someone’s identity? Outside of societal shit. That women do X and men do Y therefore the differences would shape your personal identity? 

Im seeing over and over in the links you provided the idea that there’s no right way to be a man or woman and that no man or woman’s experience can be said to be the true way to experience being a man or woman so, logically, wouldnt that also extend to trans men and women? there is also the issue of, Im quoting from one of the links provided here, 

Truscum often reject the argument of “I am X because I identfy that way, and because I identify that way, I am X,” and consider it a circular argument. 

but if thats the case then how does someone who is cis know they are cis? well the answer is quite literally because they identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. following that logic a trans person knows they are trans by identifying as any gender they were not assigned at birth, dysphoria or no. 

Someone is cis and knows they’re cis because they do not experience dysphoria regarding their primary and secondary sex characteristics. They don’t “identify” as the sex assigned at birth. Their brains are in line with their bodies, therefore they do not experience any symptoms of the medical condition. 

I also take issue with the term “sex dysphoria.” Im assuming it refers to dysphoria about a person’s primary and secondary sexual characteristics, but that also contradicts what was said earlier about no one man or woman’s experience being the one true experience for men or women. it also pointedly ignores social dysphoria which one could argue does even more damage. we are highly social animals by nature and being mistreated and disrespected by community members has been shown to cause great psychological harm. especially to children who simply lack secondary sexual characteristics to be dysphoric about. would you deny trans children their transness because their bodies have not yet developed obvious sexual dimorphism contrary to their proper gender? 

How does it contradict? 

And no, trans children are aware that their primary sex characteristics are an issue and fear puberty because they do not feel that their secondary sex characteristics will match. Their brain has a map of their body, a map that is wrong, they believe it will develop one way and when it doesn’t. They are distressed. Also it’s primary and/or secondary sex dysphoria. You do not need both. 

Social dysphoria without any dysphoria regarding your body is curable via therapy as it is another issue. The individuals body is not the issue. It is a problem with something else. Many other conditions can be confused with dysphoria such as body dysmorphia. 

and if ones transness is decided by having dysphoria and you transition and are no longer dysphoric then, by your definition, you are no longer trans as you must experience dysphoria to be trans but if you arent trans and you arent cis then where does that leave you? 

This point again. I have already argued this twice today. If you have a medical issue that is permanent like say bipolar disorder. When you take medication and the symptoms go away, you are not cured. Your issue has been treated. If you are on HRT and have had surgery and your symptoms are cured, if you go off HRT and develop masculine/feminine traits, you will become dysphoric again. Transition is not a cure it is a treatment. 

we are our genders because we identify as our genders. that is simply how gender works. gender is a concept that we humans made up. it varies from culture to culture what it means to be any gender so assuming there is no cultural reason behind it is pretty damn ethnocentric. 

Gender roles and norms are a concept that humans made up. Gender (in regards to your body and brain matching and not being at odds with one another) is not made up. It exists in humans. Everything else about gender is socially constructed and irrelevant to discussing transsexuality in a medical context. 

Hope my response shed some light on what you believed about truscum and our ideology. Sorry about the brain fog. I hope you feel better soon! 

why demisexuality is unnecessary, harmful to the lgbt community, and not a valid sexuality: another short guide by kit truscumprince


so there have been people asking for this and ive been just as excited to write it (and laugh at the people angrily responding to it)

demisexuality: only experiencing sexual attraction after forming a strong bond with someone

okay, so you mean 90% of the population? i just imagine you guys looking at everyone who isnt demi and saying “those dam sexuals, wanting to bang everyone they see -______-” i mean, you know we arent like that, right?… right?

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A growing twin-based literature supports genetic influence on gender identity development.1 An international survey of adult transsexual twin pairs reported transition concordance values of 33.3% (13/39) for identical [monozygotic (MZ)] male pairs and 22.9% (8/35) for MZ female pairs. By contrast, transition concordance values for fraternal [dizygotic (DZ)] male and female twins were zero or approached zero (1/36), consistent with genetic influence.2 Here, we report the first case of transsexualism in both reared apart brothers of a male-to-female MZ twin pair.

One twin (AT) committed suicide at age 35 years; therefore, interviews were conducted in 2012-2013 with the surviving co-twin (LT) at age 50 years. Prior to AT’s death, DNA testing had confirmed the twins’ monozygosity, as did a twin-typing questionnaire administered to LT.3 Figure 1 shows the twins as young children.

The twins were delivered vaginally on April 28,1962, to a 40-year-old multiparous Australian mother. When she was diagnosed with facial cancer, hospital staff reasoned that caring for two newborns following surgery would be difficult, and recommended that one be adopted. AT entered a state-run facility prior to his adoption, whereas LT was placed in temporary infant care during his mother’s recovery. LT was a sickly infant, undergoing surgery for hypospadias at the age of 6 weeks. The twins’ father, age 40 years, had been away from home and told that his wife had delivered one son; he never learned otherwise. LT’s family was financially comfortable and middle class in socioeconomic status. Religion played a minor role in his upbringing, and his mother and sisters supported his female identity as it developed and afterward. AT was adopted by an unrelated, lower socioeconomic status family nearby. When the twins were 5 years of age, AT’s family moved, separating the twins by 200 miles. AT’s parents were religious, punitive, and rejecting of his cross-gendered behaviors.

LT learned that he had a twin at the age of 15 when his mother revealed this secret information inadvertently. When the twins were 15.5 years of age, LT’s mother arranged a reunion. Prior to meeting, by age 8 years both twins experienced gender discomfort, engaged in cross-dressing, and felt that they should have been born as the other gender. Also prior to meeting, both twins experienced unease with the anticipated and actual secondary sexual development of puberty. Furthermore, unbeknownst to his twin, at age 14 years LT was fully committed to undergoing sex reassignment surgery and so convinced his mother that she took him to see a urologist. Thus, both twins met the diagnostic criteria of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) for gender dysphoria, in particular persistent cross-gender identification and a strong desire to change the sexual characteristics to those of the other gender.4

Genetic effects on transsexuality are strongly indicated by this unique case study. The nature and extent of family support also affect the behavioral adjustment of transsexual individuals,5 as evidenced by LT’s more favorable outcome and AT’s tragic outcome.

This is it, fellows. Proof (as if we needed it) that being transgender is something you’re born with, and while your upbringing effects may effect how you deal with your transgender status, but not that status itself.

(the article uses the wrong pronouns and gendered terms for the twins [they’r both MtF, and so should be called “she”], but other than that it’s very good.)

(Source: transsexualism)

Sorry I'm not quite up to date but I just read that some anti-truscum say that there was a change in DSM V? that supports there point of of view? Is that true and what is your opinion as a truscum about that? One example is faypunk post/93949901380/but-yeah-also-the-definition-for-dysphoria-in-the-dsmv




image screenshotted from here 

I mean, that’s a summary of Gender Dysphoria from the DSM 5. The whole reason that the name was changed from Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria was to de-stigmatize transness as a mental illness (it’s a medical condition since it requires medical intervention to treat) which was a clarification needed since the DSM is the diagnostic manual for mental disorders. Honestly, having read both the DSM-IV and DSM-V definitions, nothing much has changed. Anti’s are reading too far into the title change and not the actual definition. For Christ’s sake, the title is GENDER DYSPHORIA meaning that, you know, you need dysphoria to have it. So no, the DSM-V does not support Anti’s point of view.



that’s probably because this post is 100% wrong and it is appropriating a medical condition. 
the requirements of being transgender is having sex dysphoria, which is the disconnect between primary and secondary sex characteristics. that is a symptom of transexualism/transgenderism (since not everyone likes to be grouped under the word ‘transexual’) and it’s the only required symptom. 
like any other medical condition, there is a reason why it forms and ways it can be alleviated. i’m going to compare it to type 1 diabetes because i have type 1 diabetes and i view them as similar. 
the exact reason why type 1 diabetes forms isn’t completely known, however it’s observed that the body’s immune system attacks the beta cells of the pancreas. these are the cells that create insulin. which is why people with diabetes need to take insulin. 
essentially, it’s the same with having transexualism. while the cause isn’t 100% known either(the wikipedia article has sources, i’m just using it because it has everything jumbled together neatly.), it has been observed to take place in the brain. where FTM people have the same amount of white matter as a dmab person and an MTF person would have a similar brain structure of that of a dfab person. which, in turn, causes a disconnect or discomfort in one’s body which would require testosterone/estrogen and surgeries to help alleviate the dysphoria. 
(more sources about transgender brains: 1, 2 )
that’s why that post above is 100% wrong. it’s taking a serious medical condition and making it seem like it’s some fun trendy thing anyone can be, when in reality it probably only affects 1%-5% of the world population. (1, 2)
medical conditions require symptoms of it, that’s why people take things to help alleviate those symptoms. it doesn’t make the medical condition go away, it just helps the person with it.
that’s why a person with diabetes takes insulin, because their pancreas doesn’t make enough to alleviate it. that, again, has a similar structure as being transgender. a person’s brain doesn’t line up with their physical body structure so they take the hormones of the opposite sex to help alleviate the dysphoria.
this is why truscum exist. to tear down the idea of how “anybody can be trans and it’s not a medical condition” when in reality that isn’t true at all. it’s a serious issue that many teens and adults take their lives over because it’s something they can’t live with without the treatment they need. it’s why american insurance (as far as i’m aware) doesn’t cover hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery. because of the false ideas going around that it’s just an “identity” and how people “don’t need” to transition. 
that’s why this post doesn’t settle right. that’s why this post is 100% wrong and 100% appropriation. 

Se finally bares syr ugly head.

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Please, please block sym. DO NOT contact sym in any way or se WILL pull the victim card and fool other innocent people into feeling sorry for syr.

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Ah yes this is a list of truscum blogs and here’s extra from the notes (there might be repeats from the photos):

so what’s the point of this exactly…?

i don’t understand how this does anything for your side at all

It’s a pretty lame attempt, but what they are trying to do is out people. You’d think people involved in the world of LGBT would be more aversive to that.

Yet people like daemutt are angry, not because this person basically made a list of “who to harass”, but because theres a “trans woman of color” in the list

What does the race part have to do with anything wtf

It’s not even because of that, don’t twist my words. That trans woman is my friend and she is STEALTH, meaning that she is potentially being outed since she has an entirely seperate blog for her truscum beliefs. It’s potentially the same for other people as well but the user in question is my personal /FRIEND/. SJWs like the tokenize the race aspect so I included it to let them know how badly they fucked up. 

(Source: )

who did they out

thulian's main blog got outed on that post.

Congratulations tucutesaidwhat on outing a stealth trans woman of color and possibly endangering her just because she followed the account on her main blog.

Tucutes, come collect your garbage. 


If ur truscum u don’t have my permission to reblog my posts and if u do I’m going to block u